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Lalit Modi predicts that "It Won't be Long Before IPL Becomes No. 1 League in Any Sport"


The Indian Premier League's creator and architect, Lalit Modi, spoke about the expansion of the franchise league competition since it began in 2008. IPL was established in 2008, one year after India's victory in the T20 World Cup, thanks in large part to Modi. The competition quickly gained popularity among viewers and started to turn a profit after only one season. Numerous nations launched their own franchise league competitions in the wake of the IPL's success, but none of them was able to match the IPL's earnings and level of popularity.

Modi thanked the fans for making the IPL such a global success as the 1000th IPL game between the Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals took place on Sunday.

“I want to thank everyone for their support, including the fans, players, stakeholders, and regulators. IPL is what it is because of you, Modi stated on Cricbuzz.

Modi discussed the expansion of the lucrative league and said it altered Indian cricket's environment.

“This is a really emotional period. The IPL's incredible growth and rise to the second-largest league in the world in terms of value are astounding. It ranks first in terms of viewership. The quantity of children that we have seen in the country's landscape is more significant than that. Additionally, India's infrastructure has been developing. That is a result of the IPL's expansion. Added Modi

After the IPL 2023, the BCCI suspended Lalit after determining that he had engaged in financial violations. The 59-year-old, however, continued to watch the lucrative league and said that, at its present pace of expansion, the IPL might overtake the NFL and overtake all other leagues in sports.

“It's all down to the fans and how they've embraced the league,” said the speaker. It just seems to be gaining strength as time goes on. The IPL will quickly surpass all other sports leagues as the best in the world. It is now ranked second, behind the NFL. That day is not far off, based on the pace and speed of the IPL's expansion, he emphasized.


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