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Delhi-based Petcare Brand, BearHugs, is Pioneering a Petcare Revolution in India


In a nation known for its rich cultural diversity and love for animals, pets hold a special place in our hearts. However, pet parenting in India has been challenged by various factors, including a lack of awareness about responsible pet ownership and the need for ethically sourced, high-quality pet supplies that are also affordable.       

BearHugs, an Indian homegrown pet care brand, is determined to address these challenges and transform the way we care for our pets.

Striving for Quality Pet Care That’s Also Affordable

One of the primary hurdles for pet parents in India has been the accessibility of quality pet supplies. The pet care market is full of products containing harmful ingredients like rawhides, non-food-grade colors, and excessive sugar, posing serious health risks to pets. There is also a prevalence of unethically sourced local accessories lacking material integrity and falling short in terms of quality and durability.

Recognizing the pressing awareness gap in the Indian pet care landscape, BearHugs has made it a mission to shed light on the road to responsible pet ownership. In a market where knowledge about pet parenting and animal welfare has been limited, they’ve taken it upon themselves to spark a positive change.

Through a dynamic combination of online platforms and community-driven initiatives, they’re actively addressing this knowledge deficit. By fostering an informed and compassionate community of pet lovers, they’re not just solving the awareness issue; they’re nurturing a culture of responsible pet care and empathy for animals.

Besides spreading awareness, BearHugs has taken a holistic approach to these challenges by focusing on delivering quality and health-conscious products designed specifically for the Indian market. These India-first solutions consider the unique needs of our pets and pet parents, ensuring they no longer need to resort to subpar products.    

Quality assurance is at the heart of BearHugs’ values. Their range of products, from treats to cat litters and accessories, is carefully crafted to be free from harmful ingredients and ethically sourced, ensuring pets’ safety and well-being. 

Monuranjan Bhardwaj, BearHugs founder, emphasizes, “Our mission is to bridge the awareness gap in pet care. By equipping pet parents with knowledge and the right products, we empower them to provide the best for their beloved pets without compromising on quality, material integrity, and ethical sourcing—all while staying budget-friendly.”

BearHugs plans to diversify its product range, introducing pet nutraceuticals, sustainable toys, and healthier treats. The petcare brand is also gearing up to launch on-demand doorstep services for pets, establishing itself as a comprehensive one-stop solution for all pet care needs.

BearHugs is only scratching the surface of its potential. They’re embarking on exciting collaborations with shelter homes, NGOs, and various community-driven initiatives. They aim to make a lasting, positive impact on the pet community across India, starting with awareness and extending to quality, affordable pet care solutions.

For more information about BearHugs and our commitment to making pet care affordable and accessible, visit our website at www.bearhugsofficial.com


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